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While children may all start as hands-on learners putting everything they touch into their mouths to explore and learn, they don't all stay hands-on learners. Educators have identified several learning styles that can be a child's strongest way to learn. These include hands-on, sometimes called kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. Hands-on learners learn by doing something, moving, or touching. Visual learners learn best through their eyes and what they see. Auditory learners learn best through their ears and what they hear.

While all children should gain skill in learning in their non-dominant learning styles, new material is best presented in the dominant learning style. Understanding how your child learns will make homeschooling easier. Understanding your own learning style as distinct from your child's will help you find materials that are suited to him rather than appealing to you.

The following is a list of resources to help you explore learning styles and other aspects of how children learn.

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