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Beginning homeschooling with kids who are past their primary school years can be a challenge. But it's a challenge well worth accepting. Begin by reading here and exploring our resource listing. Junior high and high school homeschooling can be done. The many successful homeschool graduates testify to that.


How Do I Handle High School Homeschooling?
You’ve looked over a number of different high school chemistry textbooks, teacher’s manuals and accompanying resources. Chemistry seems too involved. You remember very little of your high school chemistry or never had it to begin with. You’re not comfortable with your own ability to provide back up support when your child doesn’t understand concepts presented in his text. What’s a homeschool parent to do? Throw in the towel when it’s time for high school level work? No, there are better solutions.

Starting out with Older Kids
When you take the plunge into homeschooling with older children, fifth grade and above, you are often met with a whole array of problems that those who just flow into homeschooling in the early years never encounter. I’ve heard it said that children’s personalities are pretty much set by the age of ten. After that, it takes a life-changing event to affect a person’s core beliefs. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but I do know that by age ten most children have definite opinions about many things and are usually more than ready to dig their heels in when a big change not to their liking occurs in their life. Homeschooling is just such a big change.

Resources for Homeschooling Older Kids



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