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The subjects you choose to teach are in some instances a requirement by the state where you reside. Typically that includes but is not limited to math, English, social studies, and science. The question then arises about what to teach in a specific subject in a specific grade. What is 3rd grade social science? There are many answers to that question and no one answer is always correct. A good place to start in planning what to teach is a scope and sequence that fits your understanding of what is necessary for a well rounded education. Below you will find articles covering the issue of what to teach as well as scope and sequence information that can assist you in deciding what to teach.


Sifting Through the Advice: Experienced Homeschoolers Speak About the Advice
They were Given as Beginning Homeschoolers
Beginning homeschoolers are often inundated with advice, suggestions, and possibilities. The process of selecting curriculum can be overwhelming all by itself. If you could just ask experienced homeschoolers, not what they use but the kind of questions that could help you sort out all the advice a beginner's life would be so much easier.

Straight-Cut Ditch or Free, Meandering Brook
Water in a brook follows the path of least resistance. When an obstacle like a rock is in its way it goes around the rock. The ditch is a man-made path that removes all obstructions by brute force. It takes a lot of work to build a ditch. As we homeschool our children we need to remember to take the path of least resistance. It may seem at times that we are meandering away from our goals, but the effort will be far less and the results far more pleasing than if we push our children through a curriculum that is full of obstacles. Are you educating your children by making a "straight-cut ditch of a free, meandering brook?"

The Immersion Approach
Though many educators promote the spiral approach to education wherein a child is exposed over and over again to minute amounts of a variety of science topics, we believe there is a far better way.

Narration: The Art of Telling
Narration is simply having your child tell back what was read. If there is one thing that you can do today to help your child succeed in later academics, this would be it.

I would have to say that using notebooks in our homeschool is the most rewarding and fulfilling thing we do. It honestly keeps me afloat and from feeling discouraged or ineffective. In fact, notebooks even give me a sense of accomplishment, a much needed sentiment in this ongoing journey.

Eclectic Homeschooling
What is eclectic homeschooling and what does it offer those who try it.

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